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不要相信我们的话.  下面是我们校友的一些成功案例!

Showcasing Prentice alumni success inspires our community of students, families and faculty.  我们喜欢在《YSB体育官网》杂志上分享这些故事, 在我们的教育盛典上, 在我们学校的活动和社交媒体上. 

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萨米人约瑟夫 attended Prentice in the third through fifth grade where she was taught the skills to help her manage her dyslexia and how to be an advocate for herself. YSB体育官网后 she returned to the Saddleback School District where she graduated from Laguna Hills High School in 2016. While at Laguna Hills, she was recruited by many Division I colleges to swim and study.

毕业后, she attended Mercersburg Academy in Pennsylvania under the USNA Foundation Program for a post graduate high school year graduating in 2017 and accepted an Appointment to the United States Naval Academy graduating in 2021 earning a Bachelor of Science in General Science and a Commission as an Ensign in the United States Navy.

Sami is currently a Naval Surface Warfare Officer stationed on the USS Gettysburg (CG-64) in Norfolk, Va. Sami credits much of her success to what she learned at Prentice and wants all the current Prentice students to know that you can reach any goal you put your mind too if you put in the work required to achieve it.




我去了YSB体育官网,感觉就像过了另一种生活. 我从来没有被传统教育吸引过. With that, Prentice was the most enjoyable and fundamental part of my education. 友谊令人难忘. I thrived at Prentice, their style of teaching fit my learning difficulties. 他们很有耐心,我绝对不是一个守规矩的学生.

I left Prentice and shifted around in high-school and barely attempted college. By my late teens I was focused on mountaineering which quickly escalated into a minor obsession. I began climbing in the local Southern California and Sierra Mountains. 几年后,我成为了一名登山向导. 位于太平洋西北部的雷尼尔山脉. 想想寒冷、潮湿和严重的冰川. This was a perfect step for my interest in climbing 8000m (26,267ft+) peaks. 到目前为止,我已经5次攀登喜马拉雅山的8000米高峰, climbing in what is considered a pure style of no supplemental oxygen / no Sherpa support. 在那个时候, 我走过上百座山峰, 超过25次国际探险, 一些是为了我自己,一些是为了我自己.

参加过多次救援行动, 失去了朋友, 断断续续的械斗, 差点被炸飞,但幸运的是没有失去一个客户. 我留下了长久的回忆和友谊. 这是一段旅程.

现在我一年到头都住在加州毕夏普的家里,做导游. 最近, I was hired by the United States Antarctic program to guide scientists from McMurdo Station in Antarctica.




YSB体育官网后, 马特就读于Foothill高中,在那里他学习成绩优异, was active in his church youth group and earned the rank of Eagle Scout. He earned his associate degree in business from Santiago Canyon College and transferred to Chico State to major in Construction Management.

马特在奇科获得了学生领袖奖, 以优异成绩毕业, and was the only student speaker at his commencement ceremony for the college of engineering. McCarthy Construction hired Matt after leading his team at Chico to a first place in an Associated Schools of Construction competition.

同时还管理着文图拉的许多建筑项目, 洛杉矶, 奥兰治县和圣地亚哥县, 他最引以为豪的项目是《YSB体育官网》 & 太平洋街40号,位于尔湾的两座高层办公大楼. Matt earned his real estate brokers license and now is in charge of the families real estate investment company.

Matt is married and has two daughters and a son and lives in Tustin. 马特的二女儿最近在YSB体育官网读二年级.




YSB体育官网毕业后, jesse就读于Sage Hill高中, where he was able to excel at school thanks to the multi-sensory approach to instruction that was provided at Prentice.

后来, 他去了凯斯西储大学, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and Physics, 他还获得了计算机科学硕士学位. Jase worked as a Software Engineer at Microsoft and in this capacity has worked on two different teams; the first was development of better machine transaction quality for Microsoft’s products. 他最近创立了Koi Technology.

Jase写道, “多亏了YSB体育官网, I have been able to look at my dyslexia as a difference allowing me to give a unique perspective to the world.”




Prior to attending Prentice Cassandra attended private school for kindergarten through 4th grade. 之后,她上了一所特许学校,从五年级到六年级. While there, testing revealed Cassandra had in fact regressed academically in Math and English. Due to her struggle in the classroom, Cassandra had become 在情感上 defeated. Her self-esteem was low--she did not believe she was smart and did not believe in herself. 当卡桑德拉七年级初来到YSB体育官网时, testing revealed she was reading at an early 4th grade level and at a 3rd grade level in Math.

YSB体育官网只上了一个学期, Cassandra’s parents and her teachers at Prentice began seeing significant changes academically, 在情感上, 和社会. 大家都认为她是个不同的孩子. 她微笑着,大笑着,开始相信自己. 她的阅读、写作和数学水平开始提高. Cassandra was beginning to advocate not just for herself but, as time progressed, for others.

When she graduated from Prentice two years later she was at grade level in Reading and Math. As her mother writes in a recent note to our Prentice administration, “you are all the reason . . . 为了成功, 努力工作, and determination we have seen Cassandra exhibit at her new school this past year.第一学期结束时,她得了五个A和一个B, 在文学荣誉课上得个A! 在她最困难的数学领域,她只得了B. Cassandra also received a scholar athlete patch during her first semester for maintaining a GPA of 3.5岁或以上,同时参加女子大学网球比赛.

One highlight for her family took place during recent teacher-parent conferences when Cassandra’s teachers said they had never seen a student with an IEP advocate so confidently with teachers and administration in order to get what she needed to be successful.